Digital graphic recording - multi-screen set-up, with content relayed and printed in real time using iPad interface

Most of us will come to the table with our own disciplinary tools, methods and mindsets, yet participation from people across many disciplines is necessary. It is therefore important that everyone participating in co-creation uses a common language. In my workshops this is the language of drawing. I capture, develop and translate complex narratives into powerful images.

Drawings capturing key themes of a Discovery Workshop at Chartered Insurance Institute

Over many years practising as Architect, I have developed a workshop technique and structure to engage to collaborators, stakeholders and students in a collaborative creative process. I have found the combination of carefully chosen words and drawings very effective in making the point and keeping everybody 'on message'.

10 Illustrated Steps towards a successful Co-Creation Workshop


Some of the things I am uniquely good at are:

  • Fluency, speed and real-time ability to capture and articulate thoughts

  • Ability to find the simple nub of complex conversations

  • Creativity to quickly develop ideas and concepts

  • Distinct visual language applied to different categories and themes, making them easier to understand

I am a registered member of the International Association of Facilitators

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is a professional association that sets internationally accepted industry standards, provides accreditation, supports a community of practice, advocates and educates on the power of facilitation and embraces the diversity of facilitators.